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Archive for August 22nd 2017

Jonathan Balcombe is a scientist, author and speaker specialising in animal sentience and emotions.

Balcombe holds 3 degrees including a PhD in ethology. He has published over 50 scientific papers on animal behaviour and animal protection and is currently the Director of Animal Sentience with the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy, in Washington, DC.

Some topics we talk about include sentience, animal emotions and ethics, cephalopods and the evolution of consciousness and some surprising animal behavioural anecdotes.

Jonathan's books really influenced the way I thought about animals and I highly recommend checking them out.



 Show notes and links here 

Connect with Jonathan:

Jonathan's Books:

Pleasurable Kingdom
Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals
What A Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins

Recorded in Leipzig, Germany
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Alan Watts was a brilliant philosopher; a fantastic speaker full of lucidity and cheekiness. 

He wrote a wonderful small book called "The Joyous Cosmology". It is the best description of the psychedelic experience I have come across, and when I couldn't find a decent audio version of his book I decided to make one myself.

I feel this book would be of interest to curious people on either side of the psychedelic fence.

Since this book appears to be on the public domain, I don't see any harm sharing it. I'm sure Alan wouldn't mind.


Read The Joyous Cosmology text in full here

"The Joyous Cosmology" by Alan Watts
Recorded in Leipzig, Germany
Theme song by Cosmic Tortoise


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