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Daniel M Ingram is a high level meditation practitioner and emergency medicine physician.

He is the author of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book and is the founder of popular meditation resource dharmaoverground.org

Daniel and I chatted about the fundamentals of buddhism and meditation practise; the nature of thought and thought/body identity; tips for increasing visualisation capacity; morality and video games; technology and limits to empathy; food in buddhism; sex/celibacy in buddhism; the potential benefits and dangers of psychedelics; causality vs objective reality; philosophy of personal identity; risks/benefits of high level meditation; and the intersection of medicine and meditation - with a few tangents thrown in for good measure.


Show notes and links here

Daniel's Work:

mastering the core teachings of the buddha

Download MCTB here (free)
Download Fire Kasina here (free)

Twitter @danielmingram

Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand
Theme song by Cosmic Tortoise

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