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Frank Yang is a bodybuilder, virtuoso musician, filmmaker, vlogger and arhat (one that has achieved Buddhist awakening/enlightenment).

We discuss Frank's journey from physical aesthetics to spiritual/mind aesthetics; psychedelics and how to transcend the dead materialist worldview; metamodernism; the efficiency of meditation retreats; how awakening has changed Franks motivations, autonomy, love and relationships & pain and pleasure. 

We talk about the performance and health benefits of awakening; psychopathy and bad gurus; 5 MEO and NN DMT; depersonalisation experiences with meditation and what's next for Frank Yang. 

(To get the most out of this conversation I highly recommend listening to episode #16 first, especially if you are unfamiliar with Buddhist/awakening terminology, and Frank Yang's video on YT "Full Enlightenment Happening Live")

Follow us for future episodes. Shownotes available at thegoodtimeline.com/podcast


Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand

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