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The episode features The Wizard of New Zealand and his apprentice, Ari Freeman.

The Wizard was decreed a living work of art by the NZ Art Gallery Directors’ Council, named the official Wizard of New Zealand by Prime Minister Michael Moore in in 1990, and was awarded the Queens Service Medal in 2009.

Ari Freeman is a wizard and musician and is currently writing a book grounding esoteric, magical and occult ideas within the philosophical framework of pragmatism.

We discuss the definition of magic and pragmatism, the wizards origin stories alongside romantic revivalism and the importance of love, logic, liberty and fun.

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Recorded at The Wizards Garden, Christchurch, New Zealand

Daniel M Ingram is a high level meditation practitioner and emergency medicine physician.

We discuss a bunch of higher level Buddhist practice, experience and theory including jhanas;
stream entry; trauma processing and metta / cultivation of joy.

Daniel places a rational / pragmatic lens on chakras & anatomy;
death & reincarnation; entity experiences; belief structures & mythical thinking;
MDMA & 5 MEO DMT; time, matter & consciousness; and parallels between bipolar disorder & spirituality.

Other topics include "silent experiencers"; psychopathy; God & Highest Value; AI; Neuralink; and futurist Transhumanism.

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What do Burning Man, Fight Club and the San Francisco Salmon Run have in common?
Mango Dogwood joins The Good Timeline to converse on the fundamental importance of play,
expression and how to ride in the cultural edge - hopefully without getting arrested.

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Noah Gundersen is an American indie folk singer-songwriter from Seattle.

We discuss: truth and meaning within art; the value of intuition in songwriting; America and Modernity; self determination and free will; balancing peace and achievement; what freedom means to Noah; the age of physical and digital identity; spirituality and finding meaning outside the church; mortality; Noah’s experience with psychedelic mushrooms; future fear and optimism and relating to technology; Noah's creative process and a typical day at his writing cabin + more.

Spotify playlist of songs we explore can be found at thegoodtimeline.com/podcast

So What
Heavy Metals
After All (Everything All The Time)
Audrey Hepburn
Wild Horses
New Religion
Robin Williams




Connect with Noah at noahgundersen.com

Photo by Catherine Powell

Recorded in Napier, New Zealand

Part 3 of 3 of our chat with Andres Gomez Emilsson (part one here & part two here)

We discuss: DMT Entities, so called "possessions" and how we might determine experimentally whether the entities are real (in the sense of other) or not (in the sense of self rendered); memetic hazard of weird discoveries; epistemological optimism; carriers of identity and universality of near death experience; mind uploading; the one electron theory; brain harmonic dating tech; freewheeling hallucinations and Steven Lehar; how Andres sources information and his thoughts on speed reading; blogs Andres regularly reads; tips on avoiding the hedonic treadmill; interesting lesser-known psychoactive compounds + more.

Corrections : at 38:30 James refers to ‘The Egg’, being written by Steven Binch- it is actually written by Andy Weir (author of The Martian also).

Andre's Work and Collaborations:

Qualia Computing
Qualia Research Institute

Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand


Part 2 of 3 of our chat with Andres Gomez Emilsson of the Qualia Research Institute (part one here)

We discuss: game theory of mainstream open individualism; the politics of paradise engineering; selection pressures on ancient societal modes of being; stroboscopic brain entrainment tech + leads on actual tech-facilitated mind melding (based on leads from the Hogan twins); non-invasive brain stimulation; Neuralink; dark futures; AIs as gods + more.


Andre's Work and Collaborations:

Qualia Computing
Qualia Research Institute

Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand

Andres Gomez Emilsson is a consciousness researcher and data science engineer with a Master's in computational psychology from Stanford University.

He is a core member of the Qualia Research Institute and curates the blog Qualia Computing.

James and I chat to Andres and catch up on developments at the QRI in the past 18 months. In part one we discuss: 5 MEO DMT and why it might be the most important tool for consciousness research; Valence Realism vs Nihilism; the man who wants to paint the whole world yellow; Andres' thoughts on Techno-Buddhism; Alpha Wave Coherence in meditation; the Schmidt Pain Scale, Effective Altruism and long-tails of pleasure and pain.

In Parts 2 and 3 we will discuss: the politics of paradise engineering; leads on actual tech-facilitated mind melding (based on leads from the Hogan Twins); non-invasive brain stimulation tech; Neuralink; Dark Tech Futures; AIs as Gods; psychedelic entities; the science of NDE’s; Freewheeling Hallucinations + more.


Andre's Work and Collaborations:

Qualia Computing
Qualia Research Institute

Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand

Jeremy Sherman is the author of “Neither Ghost Nor Machine: The Emergence and Nature of Selves”.

We discuss: superorganisms; why we shouldn't trust woke movements; humanities quest for immortality; which universal truths might actually exist; definition of + potential origins of life; the origin of purpose from pure chemistry and it’s link to love; humanity as a symbolic species and the utility of escapism.



Neither Ghost nor Machine (Goodreads Entry)
Jeremy on Psychology Today
Neither Ghost nor Machine Youtube

Recorded in Cologne, Germany and Christchurch, New Zealand


Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova are the hosts of the Future Thinkers Podcast.

We chat life in Bulgaria; sovereignty of mind; Jungian archetypes; identity and embodiment of older limbic system modes; modern vs archaic rites of passage; learning how to learn; what spirituality is, why it's important; nihilism; psychedelics; democracy and transhumanism.



Recorded in Christchurch, New Zealand and Cologne, Germany.

Part 2 of the deep dive into Marijuana covers the issues and societal impacts of legalisation + we hear from Jack Reed of Colorado state, author of the impact report. Read the full blog post in the new writings section here.


Recorded in Cologne, Germany and Christchurch, New Zealand

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